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Hi! I am Kakoli Roy – the creator of all the handmade accessories and goodies found in this store.

I’m a mother of 2 beautiful daughters, wife to the best husband and a homemaker.

I learnt jewelry making a very long time back just to kill some time when my daughters were busy going to school and their hobby classes. Back then, I used to give my handmade earrings as birthday gifts to my daughters’ friends. The joy on their face used to make my day.ย 

But as the time passed by, they grew up and everyone got busy with their college and work life. Life became so busy that I got no time to work on my jewelry making skills for next 10-15 years.

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How it all began?

Handmade Crochet Earrings made in India by Kakoli Roy

After a few months of the lockdown, when every family member got settled with work from home routine – I started searching for something to keep me occupied. I was cleaning the wardrobes, when I found my boxes full of handmade necklaces and raw materials. 

You need to find at least that one thing that keeps you sane during the bad times โ€“ Crocheting was that one thing for me.

I read it somewhere that crocheting helps you to overcome anxiety.

While creating those goodies, a thought came across my mind โ€“ why not to share my work with you?

I started this online store after getting back to my childhood hobby during the global pandemic.

What better than tiny little handmade gifts to make your special occasion beautiful?

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